An adventure of pastel colors, puzzles and zombies

A new world beyond limits...

A shipwreck without a ship — just a state of mind. Where are we? Finding out might be an interesting task, but even more so when zombies are out to eat ya!

Work as a team in challenging situations!
Solve puzzles and brain games on the run or be eaten alive!
Fight enormous flying foes, armless bandits and terrible dangers!

The contest is over

After a fierce competition and more than 600 different submissions, the contest has ended. More than 20 different wins have been recorded, all of which have shown the individual and collective skills of humans and zombies alike.

The top 25 players, alongside their scores and Steam IDs can be found below. If you are one of the winners, make sure your Steam ID is correct. If anything seems wrong, send an email to aesthetic.contest@gmail.com. Rows in green represent the winners of the first prize: a custom, personalized playermodel. Rows in yellow represent a tie, contact me to resolve it.

To all players irrespective of winning or losing, just for the shake of playing and having fun, thank you.

Points Steam ID Name
13 STEAM_0:0:14485359 adr1aN ◢◤
13 STEAM_1:1:39795698 香草冰淇淋
12 STEAM_0:1:80670038 Trabu - NicoNico-nii your kokoro
12 STEAM_0:0:92848000 ҲΘĘ | Zolix
10 STEAM_0:1:6016297 ҲΘĘ | Unorth
10 STEAM_1:1:72374375 FbCS_屠夫川粉丝
9 STEAM_0:1:28408190 bukkake
9 STEAM_0:1:107271710 Çøñšöłē [SG]
9 STEAM_0:0:9355639 |H|H| Fr3ddi3 - Remember no Mako
9 STEAM_0:0:52896392 The Ordiaxer
9 STEAM_1:0:131477626 归墟
9 STEAM_1:0:4603278 baster61
9 STEAM_1:1:155794502 fuck the fucking Dlane
8 STEAM_0:0:87553670 Hypn0t1c
7 STEAM_0:0:126618266 sivi
7 STEAM_0:0:74311097 Schnouf
7 STEAM_0:0:94037201 EraseR
7 STEAM_1:1:77269477 彼方のフォーリズム
6 STEAM_0:1:32497109 Master Aegir
6 STEAM_0:1:99054480 ZeDanny
6 STEAM_0:0:107588883 l Polat Alemdar
6 STEAM_0:0:120761050 ๖IΣŠ | Zoom( °٢° )Inn
6 STEAM_1:1:30534407 Aihara Enju
6 STEAM_1:0:158184846 SC.J.SZR

Unique trophies only for the best...

New York Times Alien

Low Fidelity Chinese Spiderman

Proud Finngolian-American

The top 3 players will get skins designed as they desire and tied to their steam ids. The remaining top 25 players will also get skins, though how it will work has not been decided yet.

Above you can see three examples of possible skins you may get!

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